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International Dynamic Alliance LLC is the new name for our originally company, Trade Management International (TMI), incorporated in Indonesia (1985). Originally, we were  a private sector Trade and Investment consulting firm representing major US and Indonesian international corporations in the Trade, Tourism and Investment sectors.   Our original  focus area of program implementation was on SME and microfinance  policy, and this transitioned  to digital development, economic   governance, capacity building, healthcare, trade linkages, and agricultural in 2001.


Our mission is to facilitate   partnerships between the private and public sectors to leverage maximum resources for sustainable international development program implementation in the rural areas of developing countries. Digital development is our major resource for activities that lead to improved inclusion of marginalized communities and groups. We are committed to global development through  digital development and social inclusion programs, focusing  on implementation in ASEAN countries using our local partners and national consultants throughout the ASEAN, with offices in Indonesia and Washington DC.

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